Monday, 22 October 2007

My mother gave me my drive....

Here are a small selection of beautiful photographs of Liza and Judy together from 1946 to 1960.
Liza Minnelli was Judy Garlands first child, Born on March 12 1946, with Vincente Minnelli. Judy went on to have two more children, Lorna, born November 21st 1952 and Joseph (Joey) Luft born March 29th 1955, with producer Sid Luft. Judy had always supported Liza in her career, knowing that it was to happen eventually. She had said to Liza at the very beginning of her career 'Don't sing my songs'. Vincente would later tell her that 'They'll come a time when you'll find it's ok to sing them', and she has, selecting very carefully the songs that she may sing. Liza has always been classed as "Judy Garlands daughter" throughout her career and it has been hard for her to separate herself from her mother. Judy had said, on discussing her own songs 'Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of anyone else', clearly talking about herself. I personally think Liza has her own style, her own music and her own personality. In my eyes she is Liza Minnelli. Not the daughter of Judy Garland. Sadly, Judy passed away on June 22nd, 1969 in London, England due to drug related causes. Her final resting place is Ferncliff Cemetary and Mausoleum in Hartsdale, New York. Judy will never be forgotten. She lives on through her music and her movies. She brought joy to our hearts and laughter to our lives and continues to do so and we'll always remember that quirky sense of humor. Here I celebrate the time that Liza had with her mother alone.

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