Friday, 12 October 2007

Liza and I

people love the colour blue. They love a certain kind of food, they like walking along the beach. I love Liza Minnelli. Always have, always will. The energy that she gives when she's up on that stage. The amount of heart and soul that goes into every word she sings. She delves into the Characters and she makes sure you understand everything about them. I have never seen a performer give as much to her audience as Liza does. She gives you shivers down your spine, your hair standing up on end. She'll have you crying, Laughing, shocked and dazed with every song she sings. She works her ass off and she deserves every standing ovation and red rose in the world. Her music has always healed me. When I have a bad day I listen to the words she says. It feels like they are about you, that this song is about your life and your situation and you can relate to it. You feel like you're not the only one going through what your going through.

If I'm happy, I'll listen to her happy songs. It moves me, it changes my mind and my mood and she makes me feel better about myself. A lot of people give Liza a bad rap. They see a mirror image of her mother, The Late Judy Garland, and see her problems with Alcohol and drugs, her Marriages and Divorces. We all have problems. Everybody in this world at some point or another has to deal with overwhelming situations but you get through it. You overcome them and you learn from them. Liza has learnt from her mistakes. She has been entertaining the world for over 40 years and she just gets better and better. Liza is a fantastic performer, she's a superstar and she's a human being. She's devoted to charities such as AIDS, helping to find a cure and devote time and money to AMFAR and even recording a song "The Day after that" with 150 members of the public, men women and children, and a 70 piece Orchestra who all turned up for free because they wanted to make a difference. Liza cares. She believes and she deserves a lot of credit.
Nobody will truly understand just how much Liza has changed and altered my life. She has made me feel bold. She has made me strong when I couldn't get up. She's taught me to go with the flow and follow my heart and never ever give up on what you believe in. She made me believe in life again. She made me realise that, OK, crappy things do happen and sometimes you get hurt and want to stay in bed but life is a great thing with so many wonderful opportunities so get your ass out of bed and live it! Be who you want to be. The way she has altered my spirit is truly magnificent. The way she has touched my soul and made me more of a human being and less like a statue. She's gave me an understanding of all things in life, to be courteous and kind and hold your head up high and get on with the day and for that, I will be eternally grateful.

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