Monday, 16 June 2008

Liza in Glasgow 2008

I got into Glasgow for 3pm and made my way over to meet my friends Conor and Clare at their hotel. What a great pair they are. Very funny and friendly and very easy to talk to. We walked the reasonably short distance to the SECC and got to the stage door for about quarter to four. There was only a handful of people waiting, mainly autograph hunters in search of a Celebrity signature. Me met Neil there, He's a great guy. We went out for drinks after. Anyway, We were waiting for about half an hour when Billy Stritch came outside for a cigarette and turned the corner, away from everyone. I decided that it would be a good idea, and a morale boost for him, to go over and say Hi and conor came with me. He was so friendly and we chatted for about 10 minutes about the weather and when they were going back to New York and stuff like that. I showed him my picture of me with Liza and he remember who I was from the Sarasota Concert. He told me I looked beautiful and he gave me a big cuddle and told i him I'd see him later. A few minutes later we were told to move to the other door as Liza would be heading straight for the dressing rooms. She arrived at about 5.15, got out the car, shook Clares hand, then mine and then saw Conor and gave him a kiss and a cuddle. She didnt have time to sign anything right there and then but we were told to hand stuff to her Manager and she'd sign the backstage. So she went to her dressing room and conor was allowed to go back. Conor did ask Ron, Liza's choreographer, If I could come back too. He had said No originally but once he was inside, he asked Liza and Liza said it would have been fine but by that time the doors had been closed and sound checks were getting underway so I would be going backstage after the concert anyway but Ron made sure Conor told me that it would be a definite, considering I didn't get to watch the rehearsal.
Liza's manager came out about half an hour later so I got my picture back all signed. Conor came out at about 6.15 and we went back to the hotel, had drinks and then made our way back to the SECC. We had a quick drink and took our seats. I was sitting up on the lower circle while Conor and Clare where on the ground level. Liza was fantastic. really skinny, superb voice, very reminicent of her radio city days and she just gave it her all. She opened with Teach me tonight which was fantastic! Everyone was up on their feet. I cant remember exactly what she sang but I know she did My ship has sailed, Mammy, sara lee (which everyone just adored) maybe this time, the man I love and a few more that I can't remember. She finished the end of the first act with Cabaret. I ran down to Conor at Intermission to say Hi and he told me Alan Cumming was sitting right infront of him. I went out for a smoke and as I was coming back in, I ran into Alan Cumming! lol I shook his hand and he introduced me to his boyfriend, He went for a pee and I took my seat. Second half was terrific, as usual. the four dancers portraying the Williams brothers were better than last year and they sang and danced there asses off. Liza of course ended the show with New York New York. At the very end of the show, I made my way down to meet Conor and luckly enough Alan was still in his seat so I got a quick picture with him and his autograph which is signed on the back page of the my September play script as I had no paper! lol I'll Scan it and put it on the group page. Conor, Clare, Neil and I waited in the auditorium along with people that had won the television comp and Liza's managers decided it would be far more easier to bring Liza out than bring everyone in. She came out and was very chatty, saying she loved Scotland and how beautiful it was. She stood right next to me, brushing her arms against mine a few times and I turned to her and said "Everybody here just adores you. You can see that." She said "Oh thank you, I just love it here." then she tapped my arm with her hand lol She didnt have any time for pictures, which I was disappointed about, so she quickly signed a few peoples things and went away. I asked one of the security guards to let Johnny Rodgers know that I was waiting to see him and he was expecting me so he came out and we had big cuddles and kisses, got my picture with him and we just chatted about how he's liked Glasgow and the UK tour and how it was good to see him again. As you all know Angie and I have met him twice before and he's just a doll. Very quiet and so cute. He went away and I forgot to give him my CD so I gave it to one of the security guards to give to him. Afterwards we wenty back round to the stage door and saw Liza come out. There were alot of people waiting to see her but she said something like "Bye Babies! thank you for coming! Ill be back!" She gave me a quick wave and blew kisses and then she got in the car. There was a little disabled girl who was wheeled up to the car door and liza gave her a big hug and a kiss and signed her stuff. Then she was gone.
We went back to the hotel, dumped our stuff and went for another drink before heading to a club for some partying. Clare rocks on the dance floor! lol We practically never stopped! Of course we requested Liza and got "Losing My Mind" played to the delight of many!! Went to Macdonalds at 3am with Clare, phoned a taxi and was home for 4am.
Met with Billy Stritch and got a big cuddle
Met Liza twice and shook her hand and got patted lol
Got pic signed
Met Alan Cumming
Got pic and autograph with Alan Cumming
Met up with Johnny Rodgers got pic taken and gave CD to him

I am a little disappointed as the time we had with Liza was so rushed and I guess I am a little disappointed I didnt get to watch her rehearse. But, I have met her twice before and had wonderful experiences with her last year so I really shouldn't complain. All in all, I've seen her in Concert 5 times, been in the audience for a live tv show when she was guest staring and Ive met her 4 times. That cant be bad for a 21 year old girl from Scotland can it?

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